The U.S. presidential election is getting all shook up!

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The big day is November 5th, and even though it’s still five months away (which feels like five years in election time), there’s a strange wind starting to blow due to a mix of recent events. It might just be a storm in a teacup, or it could turn into a full-blown hurricane, but it seems like change is already in the air.

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It’s a power struggle between 81-year-old President Biden and 77-year-old Trump, and it’s happening all over the country across various social groups. Biden, who’s getting support from the Democratic strongholds on the west coast and in the big cities of the east, used to be a moderate but has recently shifted more towards the progressive side.

Trump, on the other hand, is getting support from his traditional fan base in the Republican strongholds in the Midwest and small towns.

The mainstream Republicans have now become Trump’s support party, making him the presidential candidate with the most support in Republican history.

He’s showing far-right tendencies, but he’s also tactically advocating various opinions depending on the issue, absorbing various social groups.

In this setup, the independents, who traditionally support the Democrats, have been predicting Biden’s victory in the 2024 election, just like the hardened election formula that resulted in Biden’s victory in the 2021 election.

But now, unexpected and strange variables are appearing, and they’re causing a strange turbulence in the election scene.

The polarization of the U.S. economy, rising inflation, massive immigration, and a global wave of conservatism are all causing this strange wind.

Traditional Democratic supporters, such as African Americans, are starting to believe that the large influx of immigrants is taking away the various benefits and social welfare they’ve been enjoying.

Legal immigrants from South America who have settled down are starting to believe that new immigrants are taking their jobs.

Even in the big cities where the Democrats were strong, the decrease in permanent residents after the pandemic has weakened the local economy, and the increase in homelessness in the big cities has lowered the quality of life.

This is one of the reasons why voters’ hearts in states like California, where the Democrats are in power, are changing from the Democrats to the Republicans.

The gentrification of California’s big cities and the soaring cost of living in the big cities are the work of Democratic politicians, so the arrows of resentment from the residents are pointing at the Democrats.

Another point to watch in the U.S. election, where a strange wind is starting to blow, is the health of the presidential candidates. It’s a big variable whether the elderly President Biden will be able to hold out physically until November.

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