“LA Mayor Karen Bass Agrees to Independent Audit of ‘Inside Safe’ Homeless Program”

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Inside Safe Program Budget Expenditure Efficiency and Transparency Questioned

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has agreed to an independent audit of the city’s major homeless support program, “Inside Safe.” The decision comes in response to demands for greater transparency in the city’s efforts to address homelessness, raised by U.S. Federal District Court Judge David O. Carter.

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“Inside Safe” plays a crucial role in relocating homeless individuals to hotels, motels, and other facilities, but its spending has faced criticism.

Key Points:

  • The LA Alliance for Human Rights, representing taxpayers, expressed concerns about how funds allocated for homelessness are being utilized. Despite some progress attributed to “Inside Safe,” the organization claims that far fewer people have been safely relocated than anticipated.
  • The Mayor’s office has long advocated for accountability, transparency, and performance measurement regarding the costs borne by the city for homeless services. LA City Controller Kenneth Mejia is also conducting an internal audit of “Inside Safe.”
  • This audit aims to assess whether funds allocated for homelessness are effectively benefiting those on the streets. It represents an opportunity to enhance transparency and accountability in the ongoing battle against homelessness in the city.
  • Similar to the situation highlighted in Arizona, where homeless budgets were reportedly misused, this audit seeks to uncover any hidden mismanagement within local communities.

The outcome of this independent audit will be closely watched, as it could have significant implications for future homeless policies. If the audit concludes that the program’s impact is minimal, it may prompt further scrutiny and potential reforms.

Mayor Bass’s commitment to transparency and addressing the concerns raised by Judge Carter underscores the importance of effective and responsible use of homeless-related funds.

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