“LA’s Trash Can Dilemma: It better Remove ?

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LA Downtown Trash Bins: A Breeding Ground for Health and Aesthetic Concerns

Trash bins in downtown Los Angeles are frequently rummaged through by homeless individuals and drug addicts, causing concerns about city aesthetics and potential disease outbreaks. Most of these bins are located at metro bus stops, causing discomfort to passengers due to the foul smell and unsightly mess while waiting for the bus.

A passenger residing in Koreatown, Mr. Park (70), expressed his frustration, “The trash bins near the bus stops are always a mess. It’s a nightmare waiting for the bus because of the filth.”

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Shop owners around the bus stops also voiced their complaints. “The bins should be locked so they can’t be opened.

People open the bins to find food, throw all kinds of trash on the ground, and even overturn the bins to find food,” one of them said during an interview.

Especially, the trash cans near the metro bus stops, which are often filled with food waste discarded by bus passengers, attract many homeless people and addicts.

This act, which even infringes upon human dignity, is happening, and the fact that numerous citizens are becoming insensitive to this spectacle cannot be considered right from a human rights perspective.

Urgent and sincere measures from the city authorities are desperately needed.

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