Homelessness in O.C has increased rapidly in the past two years.

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Who is responsible for California’s failing homeless policy?

The number of homeless people in Orange County has skyrocketed over the past two years. The number of homeless people in Orange County is expected to increase by 28%, or approximately 1,600 people, after 2022, and the number of homeless without shelter is also expected to increase by 37% during the same period. According to the report, there are 7,322 homeless people in Orange County. Approximately 2,031 homeless people were found to be abusing drugs.

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The areas with the highest number of homeless people in Orange County are Santa Ana and Anaheim.

There were 1,428 homeless people in Santa Ana and 1,417 homeless people in Anaheim, which were overwhelmingly higher than other areas in Orange County.

The reason the number of homeless people has increased is because of the COVID-19 incident and the rental support provided by the government following the expiration of the eviction moratorium.

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