Karen Bass mayor immediate press release today at Metro

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“The subway system needs immediate security enhancements. An emergency press conference was called today at Metro headquarters downtown to outline solutions to the growing number of violent incidents on Metro buses and subways. Mayor Karen Bass called for immediate increased security. An order was issued to immediately increase security personnel on the subway system to combat this violence.

Just today (the 16th) Mayor Bass held a press conference at Metro headquarters where she announced that she would immediately increase security teams within the Metro system. She also announced plans to discuss placing an additional day-to-day safety officer in the Metro system at next week’s Metro board meeting. She made it clear that the mayor would increase security staff on subways, buses and subway stations.

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She also promised to ensure seamless cell phone service within subway stations so that all passengers can immediately contact law enforcement in the event of an emergency.

To enhance safety within the Metro system, she announced her intention to establish a unified command structure to oversee Metro Security, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Long Beach Police Department. When a Radio Seoul reporter Eun Lee asked about measures to prevent passengers who did not purchase tickets, the Mayor responded that the question was not related to the current subway violence problem. The reality is that many accidents are caused by homeless people, the mentally ill, and drug addicts who ride the subway for free.

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