LA Metro Could Change?

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The Los Angeles City Council has reportedly passed an ordinance to enhance safety measures for the Metro system, recognizing the severity of the issues plaguing the Metro. On May 10th, the council unanimously approved the ordinance to bolster safety measures for the Metro system. Metro officials are now tasked with preparing a report on the current state of the Metro system for the LA City Council Public Safety Committee, outlining strategies to ensure the safety of the Metro system.

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However, there are concerns about how LA Metro will prepare this report. Given the series of internal incidents that have occurred at LA Metro, there is a sense of apprehension. Gina Osborn, a former FBI agent who served as Metro’s Chief Security Officer, was fired from her position at Metro just two days after submitting a report to the agency’s inspector’s office. In her report, she stated, “The biggest task for Metro is to ensure that only passengers intending to use the Metro are allowed to enter the station, thereby strengthening passenger control at Metro.”

This incident raises questions about the fundamental rules of LA Metro. It invites reasonable doubt about whether Metro truly upholds the ideal rule that anyone should be able to use it freely and no one should be hindered from entering.

It is important to reiterate the basic rule that passengers who have paid their fare should use the transportation facilities in accordance with LA Metro’s rules, and if they violate these rules, they should be sanctioned by security officers. Public transportation always carries the risk of serious incidents and major accidents if security is not prioritized. It is hoped that LA Metro will not overlook this fact.

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