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Stabbings occurred last night. Last night (13th night), stabbings occurred consecutively in the metro subway and buses.

According to Metro, last night, a female passenger in the elevator at the Metro Green Line station in the South LA area was stabbed by a knife swung by a stranger and was taken to the hospital. The incident occurred at the Metro station running along Vermont Avenue and the 105 Freeway, and the woman suffered a wound on her arm.

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The suspect fled the scene after committing the crime.

The suspect, dressed in black, is known to have boarded a westbound train heading towards the Hoson and Lenox stations.

Earlier last night (13th night) at 7:30, a stabbing occurred at the end of a robbery on a Metro bus in the Glendale area.

At the West Rose Feliz Road and South Central Avenue in the Glendale area, three teenagers on a Metro bus robbed a backpack from another teenager on the bus and then stabbed the victim.

A police officer nearby who received a report from the driver boarded the bus and arrested two suspects.

The remaining suspect fled.

The stabbed victim was taken to the hospital and is not in a life-threatening condition.

Recently, stabbings have been occurring consecutively in the metro subway and buses, causing passengers to die, and bus drivers and passengers to be injured, causing users and bus drivers to tremble in fear.”

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