“Another shooting death of a Metro passenger in Commerce… A crime anticipated due to Metro’s incompetent operation.

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 Just hours after Mayor Karen Bass’s press conference addressing Metro’s response to violent crimes, a passenger was fatally shot on a Metro bus in Commerce around 5 PM. This shooting incident occurred just hours after the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board held a press conference on Thursday morning to discuss serious crimes occurring on Metro buses and train lines and announced plans to strengthen law enforcement across the system. At the press conference, Metro exposed a simplistic view that violent incidents had surged since the 15th, but this case shockingly demonstrates that the increase in Metro violent incidents is not a mere coincidence but an anticipated crime. Doubts about Metro’s operational capabilities are being raised. This incident is a clear example of a major disaster caused by years of Metro’s neglect of safety measures.

Radio Seoul’s newsroom has repeatedly warned of these potential dangers.

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For some time, Metro’s management has prioritized human rights and equality over safety in the operation of public transportation facilities, ignoring the prevalence of various violent crimes in the community. This policy has ultimately failed to prevent a series of violent incidents on Metro. Now, Metro’s management and board must take extraordinary measures and implement strong reforms. The reasons behind the recent resignation movement led by former Metro drivers against the Metro chairman are clear.

Ultimately, this incident raises serious questions about Metro’s operational capabilities, and to rectify this situation, a comprehensive review of Metro’s operational methods and new leadership are necessary.”

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