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Can you believe this? The face of the Wilshire-Western subway in Koreatown has been changing since May 15th. The sight of various waste, garbage, homeless people, and drug users has unbelievably disappeared. A noticeable change is the Metro police vehicles stationed in front of the Shake Shake burger on Western, starting to patrol the station and its surroundings.

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Despite our broadcasting station sending emails to the 10th district council member, 311, and the Olympic police station for a year, pointing out problems and requesting improvements, no improvements were made until the 16th. However, after a special interview with Mayor Karen Bass, the problems are being corrected dramatically.

On the 21st, an aide to Mayor Karen Bass visited Radio Seoul and confirmed that the mayor had actively directed the importance of Koreatown and the correction of problems at the Wilshire-Western subway station.

On Thursday, May 23rd, there will be a Metro board meeting at 10 AM, and our reporter Lee Eun is scheduled to participate. Online viewing is possible through

The reason why Radio Seoul has consistently problematized the safety and cleanliness issues of the Wilshire-Western subway station for a year is because this place is the center of Koreatown and is like the face of Koreatown. It is the commercial district of Koreatown, bustling with banks, Korean broadcasting stations, mixed-use buildings, and many shops, and it is where the monument of Alfred Song, the first Asian council member, is located.

The continuous interest of Koreans in LA, including residents of Koreatown, is the way to protect the safety and prosperity of Koreatown.

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