Governor Newsom and the Democratic Party are All-In to Block Proposition 47 Amendment

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June 27th to decide if Prop 47 will be put on the ballot

The Democratic Party and Governor Gavin Newsom are putting their all into blocking the amendment of Proposition 47 in the November election.

Proposition 47, a law established in 2014, classifies some non-violent property crimes and simple drug possession crimes that do not exceed $950 as misdemeanors. This law was created to reduce the incarceration of criminals, but it has led to a surge in crime in California, prompting many residents to demand its amendment.

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However, Governor Newsom and the Democratic leadership argue that introducing separate legislation is a more efficient way to improve the current crime situation without amending Proposition 47.

They have announced plans to add an inoperable clause to the public safety bill if the amendment of Proposition 47 is passed, preventing the bill from taking effect.

Their stance is primarily based on the belief that they can solve the crime problem without amending Proposition 47 and are seeking other ways to improve the current crime situation.

As June 27 is the last day to decide whether the amendment will be included in the ballot, the Democrats’ efforts to block the amendment are intensifying.

Brian Jones, the Senate Minority Leader, said in a statement, “To stand against the wave of crime in California, we need to strengthen the law in both the legislature and the ballot box.”

He criticized, “It is irresponsible to force voters to make one of two wrong choices. Unfortunately, some Democratic politicians are too proud to admit their mistake with Proposition 47 and continue to deny the urgent need for reform.

The Democratic Party’s poison pill amendment is a cynical attempt. It misleads voters and obstructs necessary review and amendment of the wrong law.”

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